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Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss (Post-Bariatric)

Dr. Andrew J. Hayduke
DR Andrew j. HAYDUKE

Surgical body contouring following major weight loss removes some of the excess sagging skin and fat while improving the shape of the underlying support tissue. The result is a more normal appearance with smoother more attractive contours.

Dramatic weight loss has many health benefits. But after weight reduction surgery, or any substantial amount of weight loss (by simple diet and exercise), the skin and tissues often lack the elasticity to conform to the dramatically reduced new body size. Significant sagging may occur throughout the entire body.

Body contouring procedures after massive weight loss may include:

  • FACELIFT or NECKLIFT: For sagging of the neck, mid-face (cheek area), or jowls
  • BREAST LIFT: For sagging, flattened/deflated breasts
  • BREAST IMPLANTS (AUGMENTATION): For small sized female breasts, may be combined with a breast lift
  • GYNECOMASTIA BREAST REDUCTION FOR MALES: Flattens and sometimes lifts large male breasts
  • TUMMY TUCK (traditional abdominoplasty): Removes excess loose skin hanging over the entire abdomen and tightens the rectus abdominus muscle separation (diastasis) both above and below the belly button (umbilicus). Abdominal skin and fat are removed all the way from above the belly button (umbilicus) level to the pubic area. When people say “cosmetic tummy tuck” they usually refer to a full traditional abdominoplasty.
  • PANNICULECTOMY: Simplest form of abdominoplasty that only removes part of the lowermost abdominal skin and fat apron (about half way between the umbilicus to the pubic area). Tightening of underlying muscles does not take place during this procedure. Panniculectomy after massive weight loss may occasionally be a health insurance covered procedure (depending upon your health insurance plan) since it may help lesson rashes (intertrigo) and moisture underneath the lower abdominal apron of certain massive weight loss patients. Their is no cosmetic improvement in the appearance of the belly button area or upper abdominal area.
  • OUTER THIGH LIFT: For sagging of the outer thighs
  • BUTTOCK LIFT: For sagging of the buttocks
  • UPPER BODY LIFT: For patients with severe skin sagging of the upper torso. This typically includes a bra line back lift and upper abdominoplasty. The procedure is individualized for the particular patient.
  • LOWER BODY LIFT: One large combined procedure for sagging of the abdomen, front of thighs, back, as well as buttocks

lower body lift surgery

lower body lift

INNER (MEDIAL) Thigh Lift: for sagging of the inner, outer and mid thigh

thigh lift

ARM LIFT: for sagging of the upper arms

arm lift

Body contouring surgery after massive weight loss has become a popular aspect of Dr. Hayduke’s practice ever since the popularity of bariatric weight loss surgery has blossomed across the United States. During your private consultation with Dr. Hayduke, your customized body contouring surgical plan will be developed. Many clients require a staged approached (with several separate operative sessions) to achieve their ultimate body contouring goals.  Stabilization of weight loss for at least 6 months is recommended before considering any body contouring surgery.