andrew j. hayduke

Non Surgical Face Treatments (Ulthera®, Thermage®, etc)

DR Andrew j. HAYDUKE

Non surgical injectables to the face are very popular choices for patients who are simply not yet ready to commit to a true facelift/necklift procedure. The common and proven non surgical injectables for facial cosmetic issues include Botox injections to help temporarily smooth dynamic facial wrinkles.  In addition, facial fillers (hyaluronic acid gels), such as Juvaderrm (and other facial fillers) are frequently used to help temporarily soften facial creases including marionette lines and nasolabial folds.  Superficial facial skin treatments such as lasers and chemical peels are also very useful to help freshen the outermost layers of your skin damaged both by the cumulative effects of the sun and aging. Micro-dermabrasion and gentle skin peels are also a simple and effective method for maintaining a healthy glow to your facial skin.

Actual medical devices (that apply some type of deeper face and neck treatment) have also come on the market that seem to be targeted specifically at patients who are not yet ready to undergo a true facelift/necklift. Dr. Hayduke suggests prudent caution to those considering these medical device treatments, since in his opinion, he feels the true level of effectiveness of these medical devices is still quite questionable among board certified plastic surgeons and rarely seems to justify the actual cost of the treatment.  For unhappy patients, some physicians even choose to apply the price paid by the patient for a “non surgical” device treatment to a future facelift with the exact same physician – perhaps as kind of a “capture tactic” or “bait” just to lock-in and acquire a future facelift client. Although it is certainly possible that some patients may indeed be satisfied with the modest results of some of these non surgical device treatments, Dr. Hayduke recommends caution. Also, even if the price paid is indeed applied to a future facelift with the exact same plastic surgeon, would you, as a client, really want that exact same plastic surgeon to perform your future facelift?  Again, caution is advised, especially with things and medical devices (treatments) that simply sound too good to be true.





Ultherapy® or Ulthera® claims to use ultrasound therapy (sound waves) to deliver what the manufacturers call a “collagen-boosting” treatment. It also incorporates traditional ultrasound imaging. Ultrasounds are sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper limit of human hearing.  It claims to achieve somewhat of  a “non invasive lift” using ultrasound therapy.



Thermage® treatments claim to us radiofrequency energy to kick start the body’s own renewal process. The manufacturer says it is a combination of heat energy to treat deep tissue, and cooling effects for the skin surface. They claim that radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and somehow remodeling the collagen. 

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